When you make any brute, you will notice that (s)he's wearing particular clothes. The brute's outfit only changes the way he looks, especially in distinguishment from other brutes. You can modify what the armor looks like by obtaining the Armour specialty.

-List of Outfit Styles- U = Men & WomenEdit

(M) Samurai-Metal Chestplate, Vambraces, and Shinguards. Upgrades with more pauldrons, thigh armor, and kneeguards.

(U) Boxer-Jumpsuit with belt, Wrapped fists, and Comfortable-appearing shinguards. Upgrades with chest armor and tonfa.

(M) Legionary-Vestment, what appears to be a kilt, and Sandalss. Upgrades with pauldrons, a better kilt, a wrapped belt, and a cape.

(U) Ranger-Vest, Pants, and a Belt. Upgrades with a cooler vest, kneepads, gloves, and, for men, an arm ring.

(U) Barbarian-Chest belting, Wrist fur, and Ankle fur. Upgrades with shoes and, for women, a bead skirt.

(M) Robot-Armguards, Chest armor, and Shinguards. Upgrades with abdominal armor.

(M) Saiyan-Military-appearing vest and shorts. Upgrades with long shoulder pauldrons or ankle armor.

(W) Fur Girl-In lamens terms, only covering ---- & ---- -------, plus sandals. Upgrades with arm and shin fur.

(W) Light Skirt-Neck bandana, wrist covering, and a skirt (imagine not seeing that coming). Upgrades with sandals.

(W) Tight Dress-Basically spandex. Upgrades by extending longer.

(W) Heavy Armor-Armor. Upgrades with more armor.

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