Pets attack separately from brutes and have their own health, and can be defeated in the same way when their health reaches 0.Edit

Pets in MyBrute are given randomly just like skills and weapons whenever you level up.

Wolves and Bears are extremely rare, the chance to get one is less than one percent.

Pets seen so farEdit

You can have both, but only one will be shown in the cellule

Dog.icon Dog

It is a very common but not a good pet amongst brutes, when you get a dog your HP reduces by 10. It hits 1-3 times per attack, but you can have a max of 3 dogs; which will be referred to as "Dog A/B/C" when you level up. Its HP is 14.

Wolf.icon Wolf

It is the rarest pet a brute can get. You can only get 1 wolf. When you got it, HP is reduced by 23. Wolf can be joined by dogs and a bear, but not with a another wolf. They have 26 hit points. Incorrectly referred to as a "panther" by the game when being rewarded while leveling, the Wolf is much stronger than the dog. It can hit up to 2-4 times in one pass, each hit varying from 9-13 damage. It can attack, hit 2-4 times, then instantly turn around and make another attack pass. And another after that. And after the controlling Brute attacks, it can attack again; potentially ending low-level fights before the owner of the wolf sustains any damage.

Bear.icon Bear

While the wolf can die easily to Brutes with 6th sense and/or a countering weapon, the bear is a tank. It only attacks once per attack, and does not do multiple attacks in one turn. It hits for 19-27 HP points. It's advantage over the wolf is that it can take much more damage before succumbing in a fight, thanks to a health of 110.


This picture is personal proof that boy avatars have no greater chance of getting a bear.

Gender of the brute or pupiling under brutes with pets does affect the chance to receive a pet. For example becoming a pupil of who got bear at level 1 will increase your chances of getting a bear at low level.

Here is the link that proves that lv69 got a bear at lvl 1:

Things to be aware of:

Vitality and/or Immortal glitch - When you have Vitality and/or Immortal and you're cruising along with 150+ hp, you might be lucky enough to get a bear or a wolf (or, unfortunately, a dog; yes it happens with the runty little flea bags). Cool, you might think. Until you go back to [yourcharacter] and bogo man dili ma sod

discover your HP has been dropped back down to 60. That's ridiculous, you might say. No, it happens. In fact; at the higher levels in the arena you might run into some decent characters with 60 hp and a dog. And check their stats and they have Immortal. Living proof of this glitch. How can you fix it? Level up. Your HP will scale accordingly to your former HP, so you will get MUCH more than normal upon leveling; which is right because you just lost 90-290 hp from getting a dog =P.

Stat time:

While not a concrete fact, out of 1000 character creations (all girls), 3 (no it's four badusako is the one) have wolves, 6 have bears, and that's it. So let's do the math:

3/1000 = 0.3% to get a wolf.

6/1000= 0.6% to get a bear.

This is about right, as the testers reported getting a wolf or a bear every 100-140th generation; however bears were more common.

Opinion from observation:

The bear has more HP, and when you start getting out of the lower levels; wolves die very quickly in fights.

Armour + Extra Thick Skin renders wolves useless, while bears will still hit a 17.

Bears can tank at least 1 or 2 blows in an average high-end fight, whereas wolves have the longevity of dogs.

How to defeat a brute with pets?Edit

People usually avoid fighting brutes with pets. They are afraid to lose because pets have high agility and speed, and can attack several times like the dog and the wolf / panther. The bear, on the other hand, has high HP and can do high damage.


Anti Pet Skills-Net, Bomb, Cry of the Damned, Hypnosis

However, one disadvantage of having a pet is that your HP goes down. If you check out the MyBrute pet stats, you’ll see how much exactly your HP goes down. So this is a way to avoid fighting brutes with pets-- their health should be lower than the normal level. However if they do get vitality after they've received a pet, their health will appear to look normal.

You can use this fact to win. If you have one or two of these four anti-pet skills, then why not choose to fight brutes with pets. The pets will be useless and your chances of winning the fight is high. From left to right they are:

  • Net – traps the pet and completely disables and renders them useless
  • Bomb – good anti-pet skill for dogs and wolves, also does 10-20 damage to each of the pets and the opponent
  • Cry of the Damned – makes 1-4 of your opponent's pets run away, very good anti-pet skill
  • Hypnosis – takes all your opponent's pets and places it to your side

If you have high agility, then you are at a greater advantage because you can dodge the pet attacks while you wait for these skills to happen.